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Culinary Institute of Europe

Graduation ceremony of CAP13, PAP2, PBP1 groups

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On 25th of September, we held our latest graduation ceremony, where not just one, but all three of our programs (Culinary Arts, Pastry Arts, Plant Based Program), 27 students in total, received their certificates of completion at the same time.

During the academic year, many milestones mark the life of our institution, but perhaps the most memorable and joyful for us and for the students is the certificate ceremony. It is the culmination of a year of persistent and focused work, when the students receive their certificates. The first stage of their culinary careers has come to an end and it is up to them to decide how it will develop. There is some sadness mixed in with the celebrations, as it marks the end of our journey together, but we are also excited to see where their careers are heading.

In September 2023, students from the following groups received the state accredited certificate of completion from CIE: PAP2, PBP1, CAP13. The certificate is both a confirmation that students have met CIE’s rigorous requirements and an opportunity to shape their future and gain a career. Over the course of the year, students must attend classroom sessions in the CIE kitchen, complete an internship and demonstrate their knowledge through an exam (for the Culinary Arts program, this includes a mid-term exam and end-of-year exam dinner). Once they have the certificate, they are then eligible to take the state exam to become a chef’s assistant and a pastry chef as the next step in their culinary career.

The list of students graduating from the Culinary Institute of Europe in September 2023:

Culinary Arts Program:

Ádám Zsuzsa Ilona

Ahriman Alibrahim

Berényi Vince

Dancsók Róbert

Hajdú Imre

Kiss Gellért Hunor

Lantos Dávid

Sebestyén Dániel

Szelecsényi Gábor

Sztankó Dóra

Szűcs Beatrix

Takácsy Lilla

Zöldi Márton

Students receive their certificate at CIE

Pastry Arts Program:

Makó Lilla

Galambosné Osztobányi Lilla

Pribeli Anna

Schüssler-Kazári Dóra

Sinkó Eszter

Szelle Borbála

Egressy-Czakó Orsolya

Ertler Anikó

Students receive their certificate at CIE

Plant Based Program:

Nino Imerlishvili

Tamási Tímea

Badics Bettina

Schmidel Réka

Kárpáti Fanny

Árváné Imre Angéla

Students receive their certificate at CIE